Cucumber and Cantaloupe Candle Review - Yankee Candle Votive

This review is for the Cucumber and Cantaloupe votive by Yankee Candle.  The candle was 1.75 ounces.  In complete fairness to Yankee, this was on an extreme clearance of 75% off, which made it a winner no matter what in my book!  However, you can only expect so much in the way of candle throw with a possibly very old candle.  So now that that has been said, this is my experience.

The candle burned alright, nothing that knocked my socks off.  It did leave a little bit of residue in the candle holder I burned it in, enough to have to have to take a butter knife to clear out for the next candle.  The burn was even and good until that time.

As for the fragrance, it did not have that much.  Votive candles can be tricky in that regard though.  There just isn't that much throw to a small candle.  That said, I have had some that put of a fair amount of fragrance.

The cold throw was still pleasant and nice.  It made for wonderful relaxation and ambiance.  It would have been perfect to burn over on the mantle over the fireplace like I like to sometimes do when we have dinner.  In those situations you don't really want a strong throw anyway.

I love Yankee, but these didn't knock my socks off.  Still happy for the great deal though! I will look forward to giving this candle a better chance in the future should I find a more freshly poured one however.

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