Chocolate Mint Votie Review - Colonial Candle of Cape Cod

This candle was hard to burn initially, because it just smelled so amazing and wonderful.  I finally burned this amazing votive however, and it burned beautifully. 

The burn itself was clean, and smooth.  The wick and flame burned very "still", and was actually beautiful to watch, strange as that might sound.  I had to focus on this actually, because I waited so long before burning it, that I lost a lot of the fragrance. That there was any left, is what is amazing.

The color was a nice mint color, and it smelled like very yummy mint chocolate.  I think that chocolate mint is maybe one of my favorite fragrances of all time.

It burned several hours before burning completely away, to where the wick holder was only left.  In fact, I didn't even have to clean out the holder before putting in a new candle to burn.  That is impressive, as I don't often get that with many of my other nice candles.  

I would highly recommend this candle if you can find them now.  I am not sure they are still in production, but I wish they were.  Lovely candles by Colonial Candle of Cape Cod.  Loved it!

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