Sea Island Cotton, by Bath and Body Works

Sea Island Cotton is a 3 wick candle, that is just lovely. It is a little strong, but that is what you want in a candle so often, to give off its fragrance. It's "throw" is incredibly strong. I think that because of the 3 wicks, it quickly liquefies the wax, to give off its fragrance as well. I keep a close eye on trimming the wicks very low. It helps to make the candle last longer as well. Its a great candle for burning by the bathtub, because again, you get a quick release of the fragrance, but also because the 3 wicks give off a nice ambience in a darkened bathroom while in the bath. (If relaxation is what you are going for. That is often the case with me!)

I would recommend burning the candles from Bath and Body Works, a store I just love. Their candles are just new to me personally, but I am glad I tried them. :) I have a couple more to try in the near future here. The only downside, if there must be one, was that the color of the wax after hardening, was a slightly different color than the rest of the wax in the jar. This is no big deal, and didn't hinder the burning or the fragrance release. The color of the wax is a beautiful light blue, and the name and fragrance all are just lovely. You could probably reuse the jar as well, for a cute cotton ball holder or something like that. (thinking green here, recycling, etc. :)

I will probably get these candles again. Because of the excellent sale they were having on them, it was a great excuse for me to try them. Make sure to check back as I will be adding more candle reviews. Feel free to bookmark this page.

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