Birthday Cake Candle Review - Brookside Candle

Birthday Cake by Brookside Candles was a very pleasant surprise to me.  I was going to give it an honest review, and frankly I braced for the worst after seeing a couple not so positive reviews.  I saw the reviews after I had already purchased the candle at TJMaxx for 6.99.  I thought that I did want to try it at least once, as the cold throw on the candle was very nice and interesting.

First of all, birthday cake is comprised of three different fragrances layered on one another.  The individual fragrances are sprinkles, frosting, and vanilla.  I am still on the top layer actually, and happy to report that with an illuma-lid, this candle burns and smells amazing. 

It had to grow in the level of fragrance concentration some, or so it seemed.  The more I burned it, the more wowed I became.  Just before blowing the candle out this evening, it smelled like I had just put the mix of a cake into a bowl and was about to bake it, combined with having just taken a freshly baked cake out of the oven.  I kid you not, the smell is about dead on in this regard, and with my baking experience.

I will tell you what I did with this candle and will do again if I purchase more.  I would look for wax that looks to have a lot of oil in it and throughout the candle.  If it looks more "dry", I may lay off.  Also, I will want a strong cold throw, because on some it doesn't have too strong of a fragrance on the initial whiff of it. 

I kept the wick trimmed, as I hate it when black smoke started to come off the lit wick.  I had to use an illuma-lid, and it seems to correct itself for the most part as far as residue on the side.  I still can't get over how great the throw can be.

Also, the lady at TJMaxx told me yesterday that Brookside Candles are very nice ones, out of the blue.   This was also before burning this candle, and I thought it was interesting that she particularly pointed this brand out.  Now I see why!

A final thought, is that this looks very close to the fonts and picture and design that you might see with Yankee Candle but that could just be a chosen look.

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