Mountain Lake Yankee Candle Review - Votive Candle

The Mountain Lake fragrance is one I had accidentally put off trying until this week.  I had it in a votive form,and burned it in a simple glass votive holder.  The kind where you can see it burn exactly as it is, which helps when reviewing candles.

The fragrance is actually quite lovely and beautiful. It would be great for both men and women alike.  It is neither too manly or too feminine.  It is almost just right, which makes me sound like I am describing a candle that could be from the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

It burned perfectly, and was pretty.  A light blue grey color, it wasn't too flashy in that regard.  It was kind of a subdued colored candle, which has its place when that is what you want.

I ought to mention that this candle is very distinct and separate from the nice Mountain Lodge candle, which is more brown in color.  That one is nice as well, a favorite even.  This one is super nice.  If you can try it, I would.

For the throw, I want to be totally fair.  Like I alluded to, this is an older candle and I put it off by accident by the time I got around to burning it.  So it may not have been too strong of a throw for that reason.  However, the throw didn't completely fill up the whole house.  On top of this, I was recovering from a cold, so perhaps the fragrance was much stronger than I thought! 

At the very least, this makes a lovely bathroom candle, and definitely and fully fragrances a smaller space like that.  It likely would do the same for a bedroom or other room that wasn't a great room or something like that. 

I have a feeling that you cannot currently find this candle at sale at Yankee Candle stores.  However, it may come back to the classics or treasures section of the stores.  That would be an excellent time to try it!  Also, you can likely find it on many of the sites like Ebay and Amazon and other places on the net now.  I give this two thumbs up for the beautiful fragrance that I probably couldn't have loved any more than I did. I actually was bummed when it was done burning, as that was my only one I had.

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