Cottage Breeze by Yankee Candle

Cottage Breeze fragrance is a very pleasant surprise to me. My son, first found this fragrance, when he was just 11, and told me "Mom, this is one of my favorites, get this one." The "picture" on the front is one of a front porch of a cottage by the ocean. There is a breeze blowing, waves in the distance, etc. I LOVE that scene, but for some reason never really seemed that interested in the candle. I always remembered that he liked it, so I tried it one time in their large jar. I am LOVING this candle!! Its a pretty color, and the fragrance is perfect. I will definitely be getting this one again, and I know it would make a very nice gift. I recentely purchased one of the candle jar topper accessories, that makes it look like a little lamp. This has an added benefit, besides just making the candle pretty to look at. It keeps the flame very still and controlled and helps it to never smoke like it had been doing. I had to keep the wick super short to control the flame before, but now it can get pretty long, and still burn very controlled. I still snip the wick down, but it never gets to the blackening smoke stage. The jar topper I have is one with butterlies on it, my favorite :)
The jar I purchased is the largest jar, and they run about 24.99, but I got mine on a half off sale. So I was lucky there. Its the best value for a good fragranced candle.
Will definitely purchase again.

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