New Candle deals from Hallmark Cards, Yankee and Wood Wick Candles

I was in the local Hallmark Store recently, and found a great little deal on Yankee Candles there. They have some in their clearance section, but also Wood Wick and Yankee have a special promotion going on for a couple of fall scents. You could burn these any time of the year though!

Wood Wick has a super cute jar, with an acorn lid that is very eye catching, that would be great to re-use for later (I am thinking filling it up with Candy Corn around Halloween time, and fall time!)
The fragrance is Autumn Harvest, and is six (6) ounces of very yummy smelling soy wax! This is the candle that gives off a crackling sound as well when it burns. It sounds like a crackling fire, on purpose, so don't be alarmed that anything is wrong with your candle. You can use the candle, wash it well, then put something else in it later. It retails for 12.95, but is 6.95 with any Hallmark purchase for a time. Great deal! There is also a mini reed diffuser in Autumn Harvest Fragrance, same price if you like that more. Its nice to come home to the fragrance, without having to have an active flame going while you are away. Also good if you have little children around.

Yankee has a really cute little jar, 4 ounces worth of Farmer's Market fragrance for their promotion. This one is only 4.95, and smells like a fall farmer's market, with an extra touch of apple. You will likely love this as much as I do! I think it normally retails for about 9.99, but is a different kind of little jar, it has a metal lid and could also be reused later. Thinking green here and practical. I will let you know how I like them later, after I am actively burning them, but if how they smell right now is any indication, they are to die for!

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