Summer Slices Candle Review - VIllage Candle Boxed Votive

This review is for a Summer Slices Candle, which is I made by Village Candle.  I remember buying this candle in a nice little mountain area in Southern California many years ago. It was in a neat little area, Big Bear I believe, and the shop was a fun little place.  But getting to the candle review, I first noticed that these came in a clear plastic box with a pretty label on it. The picture is of many thick watermelon slices and some whole cucumbers and sliced cucumbers as well.

I wanted to smell the candle, and thought I might not be able to when I sniffed it, but I could right through the plastic.  The fragrance was very nice!  I really wanted it.  The price was $1.50.  I was there for a fun weekend, and got a couple different candles, and why not?

What is crazy is that I saved it for all these years, as I had just the one.  I didn't want to burn it!  I have since learned that many people do that, though I am not going to do that anymore.  The reason is that the fragrance oils dry up, and you actually likely miss out on a really yummy candle burning experience.  So to be fair to Village Candle, I had to share that.

That said, I could smell the fragrance from the candle and on the clear plastic box it came in.  I didn't smell it very strong when burning, nor would I expect I would.

As for the candle burn, it was very clean and nice, and the wick wasn't crazy flickering like many candle wicks can. 

However, I did burn it for a long time, and some of the blackened wick pieces broke off and fell to the bottom of the wax pool.  It burned down completely perfect, until the end when the extra wick pieces kind of caught fire again and I had a mini camp fire going!  It is just another reason to not let your candles burn unattended.  It was in a good container, but you do have to watch all candles when burning, to avoid a fire hazard. 

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