Citrus Bouquet Candle by Marie Osmond - Review

I wish I had burned this candle sooner. Poor thing, it fell "victim" to what I can sometimes do, that being saving something I really like a lot, for another time! I put it away, it was just too pretty and smelled too good to burn! How much sense does that make? Oh well, that said, I am giving a review for a burn two years later, to be fair to the candle and candle maker.

I had never heard of a Marie Osmond Candle, until I saw it was part of a neat promotion for her new line of purses being sold at my local Hallmark store. The purses were beautiful. These candles and their packaging were even more beautiful!

The candle came in a lovely box, with a nice lid that has what looks like a large diamond for the "handle" on the box. The design is classic and beautiful. The packaging was superb all around.

The candle I chose was not easy, but I settled on the Citrus Bouquet one. After two years, I finally chose to burn this beautiful thing. It still smells lovely when I hold it to my nose, pretty amazing huh? However, when I burn it, it doesn't have the best "throw." I forgive the candle that, because I waited too long to burn it. I still do smell it, and ought to burn it in a smaller space to get the full effect of it.

Beautiful, clean burn. One of the top things I can mention about this candle, is how pretty it looks while burning. You don't see the flame itself flickering, but the design on the side of the glass is very beautiful indeed. Its a gorgeous glow, really enjoyable, which adds to the ambience that many love about candles.

I would recommend this as a gift. The glass jar is decorated with sweet flowers, and worth saving. I would recommend it as a gift, and would love to receive one as a gift! Years later, it smells wonderful.

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