Lavender Macaroon Scented Candle by Slatkin and Co. - Review

Slatkin & Co. makes a lot of candles, and I hope to buy more in the future.  Up to this point however, they are still rather new to me and I hesitate buying them for some reason.  I was happy to try a small 1.6 oz version of Lavender Macaroon candle.  It comes in this cute little heavy plastic container and they gave a little glass votive holder for it as well, if I recall. It seemed a safety feature I think. 

I saw so many candles there, and wasn't sure really to start.  When I saw the name of this one, I knew I had to smell it and maybe purchase it.  I love both lavender and coconut smells like you have with macaroon cookies.  It smelled pretty good on the cold smell version of the candle.  The color was also very pretty and pleasing to the eye.

The fragrance of the melted wax was nice, and I used it in my bathroom mostly, while taking a bath.  Toward the end of my time burning it, I recall wondering if it was going to last throughout that one relaxing bubble bath.  It not only lasted, but burned hours into the night.  I had to go and blow it out! 

Then, I used it two more times in the bathroom after that.  My point is that the little candle can burn and burn if you keep the wick trimmed.  I was pretty impressed. I think I like the one wick candles better than the fast burning 3 wicks of Slatkin and Company.  I recall feeling almost a little nervous at the level of heat put off and the intensity of the three wicks if I didn't keep them trimmed, etc.  That may sound silly, but it is what it is.  I loved the fragrances, but just had to get used to these candles.

The throw was pretty good on the Lavender Macaroon candle.  I could smell a baked cookie smell, and not a lot of lavender which was fine because I am not sure how it would have worked if it was too strong with a vanilla and coconut cookie smell also.  I would probably get this candle again.

I did forget to burn it in the glass container, and one little part of the top of the plastic container got just a very tiny bit melted, but not enough to blacken or really warp it. 

A very fun scent overall, though it didn't make me crazy in love with it.  I liked it a lot though!

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