Mandarin Orange Vanilla Fusion - Candle Review

This candle caught my eye at a local boutique store that I love.  The glass that these Fusion candles comes in is gorgeous, by the way.  I absolutely love them.  These are made by Wood Wick Candles and they are a true treat of a candle to burn. 

What really got me, was that they were on sale.  They are not inexpensive normally, as far as candles go.  So this made it possible for me to justify parting with my dollars to get this lovely, amazing candle.  That said, there were a couple more of these guys, and I wondered, will they be there long?  I had never seen this particular candle before, and it smelled like heaven to me!  Orange Mandarin and Vanilla?  It was so nice.

The quick shop owner saw me considering this.  She then made sure I was aware that there is lay away as an option in her store!  Next thing I knew, I put these on lay away!  It wasn't until later that I realize how much money I was spending on these candles.  A couple of years later I still am burning one, and it smells as great as ever.  I can save the glass containers, and use them for anything at all, they are just that nice. 

The "throw" of these candles is great, and not overpowering.  The fragrance is classy and sophisticated and lovely all around.  I would be proud to burn this candle at any time.  It would be so nice, say, for a nice party or get together.  It would be attractive lit, and put on a mantle or anywhere you want to put a candle. 

The only downside was that I personally had to pour off a little of the melted wax in another glass container.  I kept that close, as the candle burned down a few days later, I needed some of that wax back, as the wick grew larger and put off some black smoke.  Don't let this turn you off at all, its just how I personally like to maximize the wax I purchase in a candle I love. 

Right now, I can hear that crackling sound that Wood Wick candles make, and it reminds me of a little fire burning.  That is part of the ambiance that  makes these candles so nice.  This comes very highly recommmended.  Its a very "green" candle as well, as you can happily re use the container.  Nice oils used to create a lovely fragrance.  Two thumbs up, Wood Wick, or rather, Virginia Candle Company!

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