Sparkling Snow Candle Review

Sparkling Snow - By Yankee Candle

I bought this large jar candle from the Yankee store, months ago. It has been sitting in my candle stash for a little while now. So I always wonder about the fragrance of a candle when that happens.

I was not disappointed, and the scent is strong! Yankee describes it as partly snow covered pines, along with hints of patchouli and fruit. Its a "crispy scent", if I can say that, and also almost a version of a good smelling fabric softener, or a clean linen.

Now, when I burned it in my room, it began to be a bit much for me. So I moved it to the downstairs living room area. I had to trim the wick also, or else it let off black smoke. Well, that is the right location for it, as it smelled perfect there, and the "throw" was perfect. It is clean, and nice.

One more thing, the way this white candle burns, is very beautiful. It burns to a clear liquid pool, and is so nice. So, this candle comes recommended, and I would probably buy it again, but may be distracted by something I like just a little bit more. For a change though, and a nice, crisp, clean smell, this is a keeper for sure. Try it once!

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