Chocolate Bunnies Candle Review

Chocolate Bunnies

I was at the Yankee Candle Store again recently, and had to purchase at least one votive candle of their new Chocolate Bunnies fragrance. I smelled it in the store, and was blown away by the great smelling chocolate flavor. Of course, the salesperson told me the best news of all, there is no calories ingested to burn one of these! You can smell rich chocolate without the guilt or calories!

So I took it home, and burned it the day before Easter, and some on Easter. My boys had been smelling it all day. The "throw" is very strong, I could smell it some upstairs. When I told my family the fragrance it was, they asked if that was what was smelling good all day! I told them it was.

Would I get this candle again? Sure I would! Its a nice smell, as long as someone doesn't walk in and wonder where the brownies are! Try is once, its a fun candle, I love it! We all did.

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