Mistletoe Fragrance - Large Jar by Yankee Candle - A Review

I purchased another large jar last year, but never burned it until this year. The fragrance is Yankee Candle Comapany. It was intentional to save the candle that long, but being more of a holiday fragrance, I wanted to wait on it.

I have been burning it this season, and have really been enjoying it so far. The biggest complaint I have, is the blackening of the jar from the wick as it get just the tiniest bit longer than a short clip. Granted, there are things you can do to minimize the black smoke, with their accessories, but if I don't need them, I would rather not use it or have to purchase them. I would rather use my money on more candles~!

This fragrance puts out a nice scent, handsome even. Not too fruity, flowery, or like a donut store, but a great scent for everyone. This is my opinion, and its just a nice classic candle I would probably purchase again. The blackening put a damper on a little, but its easily wiped off with a dry tissue, and I just keep the wicked trimmed very low.
A nice candle, with a beautiful color.

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