Blueberry Candle by Yankee Candle Company - A Review

This candle is a lovely dark blue color, just like blueberries. I had a friend that I was shopping with long ago when I lived in Georgia, that loved these blueberry candles by Yankee. I had to smell it, and we both bought one once on that shopping trip. I took that candle home, and enjoyed every minute that it burned. This was when they had those dainty glass lids, that you just lifted off, very nice.

A lot of time passed, and I had the opportunity to get one again but in a glass holder that doubles as a glass later on. It took be back to the winter time months when I burned it before, only this time it was late summer. The blueberry scent did well no matter when I burned it.

What surprised me most was how strong the scent was when I burned it, and how much it smelled just like blueberries. I would highly recommend it, and it seemed to last a good long time as well. There are other blueberry variations they have, but I haven't tried those recently. This one is classic and great.

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