Cinnamon Chai Candle by Woodwick - A Review. Candle - turned tart warmer wax

Anonymous artist in the style of Petrus van Schendel, 19th Century

Cinnamon Chai - Large Jar Candle by WoodWick

This candle was an interesting experience, to say the least. What turned out to be a near disappointment, turned out to be ok. Let me explain.... I got the large jar, but the wick on this particular candle did NOT want to stay lit. It kept drowning in its own wax, and no matter what I did I couldn't recover it.

I turned it into a great use, rather than throw it away. These candles can be expensive, and I was so discouraged by this experience. It was great to have a tart warmer or burner however, as I just spooned scoops of this very soft wax into there, and got some great mileage out of the wax that way. It was not a total loss!

That said, I got to experience the full aroma in a different way, with my tart warmer. I will continue to get some great use this way until the fragrance is gone.

I wondered if it would have the same effect, or "throw" the candle would have given off. I wasn't disappointed, as I could smell it two rooms away when I came up the stairs the first day I used it in the tart warmer. Its a nice, sweet and spicy scent.

It is probably good to add also, that these candles sold VERY well, this scent in particular, at the one store I worked at. People came in wanting to smell it often and also often purchased it. So that might give an idea of its fame and popularity. I don't want to put down Woodwick in any way, but I sure do hope they got this kind of problem under control, just for their own sake. I am sure it was just a fluke, as I haven't had that much trouble since, with drowning wicks, to where I couldn't just drain off or scrape out some wax to save the candle. Try this fragrance, you may just love it like so many others.

While I didn't get to enjoy the crackling sound this candle normally gives off (like a fireplace, or wood burning) I can say the color is a very beautiful deep red color. Very rich looking.

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