'Tis the Season Candle by Slatkin and Company - A Review

This candle smelled so good when I bought it. I picked it out quickly right after the season once when I was in the Bath and Body Works. It is a nice smelling little candle, and I was given a glass container to burn it in with the purpose.

It is not my favorite candle ever, but it is really nice, and a nice color. It burned almost all the candle wax away before it burned out. It is pretty fruity smelling, and I imagine many people might like it.

The "throw" is alright, and it smelled nice when I was walking around my house. I might not purchase it again, but not because I didn't like it, but just because there are so many others I like so much more.

When I was there, I noticed other people purchasing candles that seemed thoroughly addicted to them. A couple of the ladies even mentioned having to hide them from their husbands in the basement, or that their husbands knew the containers they came in and recognized them! Anyway, it was fun, and I am not totally addicted. Just a little bit. :)

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