WoodWick Candles

Woodwick Candles are still relatively new to me, as in the last few years. It has only been this year that I have burned them more regularly.

Speaking of candle prices in the other posts, this is one thing that certainly comes to mind when I think of Wood wick candles. BUT, to be fair, they are really really nice candles, and I can see why they cost more. Let me explain what makes them different from your average candle.

Woodwick candles have an actual wood wick, that is much wider across than your average candle wick. It has a crackling fire burning sound when it burns, on purpose. Its like having the ambience of a wood burning fireplace. It literally does crackle and burn like that, to the point that people often get alarmed when you first burn them sometimes! Just the other day, I came downstairs and found my candle extinguised, and I asked about who blew out the candle. My son said, Oh mom, that candle was making some weird sounds, something wasn't right. I smiled and explained to him about it and he was like ohhhh. At any rate, you get the idea.

As for fragrance, oh my goodness, WoodWick candles are very very nice. I think most of the fans of these candles love them for their fragrance, its just incredible. (for the most part) I will go into more details later on, to describe certain scents as I have burned them, but I love these candles in general. I would highly recommend that you burn them at least once.

Right now, the store prices that are in my area, are $9.99 for a small jar (3.4 oz.), $19.99 for a medium sized jar. (about 10 oz.), and I think $26.99 for a large, 22 oz. jar. So as with some other companies, I talk myself into getting the large jar, for the value of the candle wax I get for it. Since that can add up, I like to keep track of what I like the most, in places like this blog, so I can recall exactly what I liked and would purchase again. Some of the ones I have tried, I was able to get on sale, which is my favorite way to try a new candle. Also, I pay attention to who likes the candles in my house. That means a lot to me too. We always enjoy the ambience of a candle though. You just need to be very careful when you burn them, and never leave them unattended.

Some initial favorites...oh my, their Sheer Vanilla is nice, Lavender, Fireside, Almond orange, and Rum Raisin are all winners. I like more as well, and will share more how each burns, later on. The Frasier Fir fragrance, burns wonderfully, and makes me think of an authentic, strong smelling Christmas tree. Its lovely any time though.

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