Time and Again by Ganz

Once while waiting to go to dinner, we stopped in a little gift shop store nearby. I love to look around little stores like that, just for fun. We saw this display of was like a tart warmer set up, but these were a little different. Called a "Simmering Waffle Bar", these little guys smelled like heaven! After dinner, we went back and got a little set up, and you can mix and match these guys and create your own scents.

We got this pretty pinkish colored tart warmer, the kind where you put a tea light in the bottom. It was classy looking, and the best of what they had left, I thought. We decided on two scents, to mix and match. Roasted Chestnuts, and also Chocolate Truffles. Oh man, they smell like a treat together, or on their own. Even through the packaging, its a treat!

When we burned them, it was my first time to use a tart warmer for little squares of wax. They melted in a cool way, and of course my boys thought this was so cool, and you have to tell them to not play and touch the wax or stick things in it, as tempting as it is, lol. Anyway, its a treat to the senses at the very least, and the scent lasted for a few burns. I realized the wax will remain, bu the fragrance dissipates as you burn it, which makes sense.

Try these sometime! I like the idea of flameless candle burning, or tart warming, but I also like the idea that a t lite will burn out on its own, even if you forget about it, after a couple hours. In that sense, there is that safety feature built in.

I was sad the scent was gone, and needed to replace the wax. It is easy to do, just pop the whole thing in the freezer for a few minutes, and it pops out right into your hand when you push on it gently. Like some other things I love, I need to just use and enjoy these fragrances, as I tend to want to "save" them because they are so special. What is the point of that though? Try these out, they smell very very good.

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