Pomegranate Fruit large jar candle, by Yankee

This is another new one for me to try. I have seen other ones with pomegranate in the title of the candle, but when I saw this one at Yankee, I had to try it. First, I love pomegranate fruits! The candle is a beautiful color, deep red, and the fragrance smells to me about as close as one can get to the fragrance of a pomegranate I suppose. I like it, its pleasant enough, and has a good "throw" or fragrance it gives off in a large room.

Oddly it reminded me of a cranberry type of candle I had long ago, but this isn't a negative for I loved that candle too. It still is a bit different than that, but may help you to get the idea of the smell of the candle. I am thinking my cranberry candle had a bit more tartness to it, though this one isn't as sweet as the pomegranate cider candle. I love that one too, but its very sweet smelling, too sweet for some people, so this one may be a good compromise. Try one today! The color is gorgeous, and it can be truly used year around for sure, not just in the summertime or anything.

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