Vanilla Caramel Tart by Yankee Candle

I purchased a Vanilla Caramel Yankee Candle tart on sale a few weeks back. I have nothing negative to say about this fragrance, and actually love it very much! Its not overpowering at all. It has a fairly good throw to it. Its just a very pleasant fragrance to have in the air. It is one of those candles I hope they don't discontinue and hope they have for a long time. I used it in my new electric tart warmer. I am fast becoming a fan of the electric tart warmer. I definitely want to find the bigger candles in these fragrances and purchase them. There is a warm and happy feel to this fragrance and I would highly recommend it to everyone. You can't go wrong with this one. Two thumbs up, and highest of ratings on this one. :) When I go to the Yankee Candle site, I cannot find this fragrance, and it makes me fear the worst..that it may be discontinued. The good news is, that when I visit my local Yankee Candle store, I see they often have older fragrances they bring back for a time. I sure hope they keep or bring back this one.

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