Linen, by Wood Wick

I have the small 3.4 oz jar in Linen, by Wood Wick. These crackling candles are always a joy to burn, and please the senses more than your average candle. The Linen fragrance is very nice, with a fairly good throw. This has a very authentic smell of clean linens, like when they are hanging out on the line to dry, outside in the sunshine. I have memories of my grandmother hanging up the bed linens in this way to dry outside. There is a very particular fragrance and memory this conjures up, and I truly love it! I can remember the breeze blowing and running through the hanging sheets outside, the sunshine, etc. Thanks to Wood Wick for another great fragrance, and a little different one to me. I usually burn the woody fragrances, or the yummy cookie types or Christmas types, etc. I would highly recommend this one, and know the wax liquefies quickly. This would probably be one I would purchase again, for the clean and fresh scent, that isn't overly "flowery strong". I would burn anywhere, but at meal time. Very pleasant and classy, a beautiful fragrance.
This candle at the 3.4 ounce jar runs $9.99. Would make a lovely gift.

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