Peach Mango Salsa Tart from Yankee Candle

This is my first time melting this fragrance and I can easily say its a winner for sure. I would definitely get this one again. Its a little sweet, but its to be expected from a peach mango salsa I would guess. It has a good "throw" across most of the master bedroom. I will be interested in seeing how long that lasts. Try Peach Mango Salsa if you get the chance its fun, even in January. Makes it feel a bit more like summer time. :)

Update on this one... I have burned this tart some more, but the fragrance hasn't been as great to me. There is an underlying fragrance that I am not even sure I like. Not trying to be too harsh, but also saying that I am not sure it is the "winner" I thought it was. I would still say its a good one to try at least once. Just more "ho hum" to me than first thought.

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