Partylite candles

I am going to cover a few of the companies that I have had some experience with first, before going on to particular scents.
Partylite and I have some history, and It was a joy to be invited to a party that my friend was having years ago. Basically, you go to a get together, a party, and watch a consultant put on a demonstration of Partylite candles and candle holders. It was nice to be invited over, to begin with, offered something to drink, etc. As the party started, the lights were dimmed, and it was immediately a relaxing atmosphere.

The host proceeded to light candles as she was describing each one, and it was just a delightful experience. She showed different ways to display and arrange things, and gave ideas for decorating and caring for your candles and accessories. I learned a few things that night, and became pretty much "hooked" on the idea of burning candles.

I was impressed with with how the candles burned so clear and pretty in the clear tall candle holders. It was very very nice and pleasing all around.

At the end, she let us look at catalogs, and let us ask questions, while we decided what we wanted to buy. Its always a little bit tense when they are talking about the hostess benefits, and trying to get you to want to sell the product also. Still it was a nice night, and I purchased something for myself, and couldn't wait for it to arrive. Oddly, what I got was a part of a two part set of candle holders, and I didn't realize that. I felt silly, but that didn't really put a damper on my liking of the candles or not.

Party lite has many great colors and scents of their candles. I love their 3 wicks, and assortments. They sell votives by the dozen. The vanilla is nice, and I grew to have many favorites. There is a lot more I could share, but I will leave it here for now.

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