Glazed Pumpkin Wood Wick Candle Review

This is a fun little candle I got a while back at Kirlin's Hallmark Card Store.  I love that Hallmark carries the Wood Wick and Yankee candles, especially since I no longer have a Yankee Candle store right near me.  At any rate, I love to get my Wood Wicks from Hallmark and this was one of them.

This was part of a promotion actually.  The container is absolutely cute as you can see!I love it.  It can be reused as well after the fact. 

Glazed Pumpkin Fragrance is rather interesting.  The cold smell of this candle is very nice, with a hint of cinnamon, butter and pumpkin, and almost a cinnamon roll smell to it.  Now before I say the next comment I must be fair to Wood Wick, as I think they have newer and better wicks now than before, perhaps.  Ever since I burned this candle, I smell the burnt wick in it as well as the yummy fragrance. This is true for both the cold smell of the candle, as well as when it is lit.  So I think it doesn't quite sabotage the candle fragrance but almost.

When I light this candle, it smells good too, and very buttery, almost pop corn smell like though that sounds awful for this candle.  Don't let that deter you though.  It smells more like a cinnamon and pumpkin buttery treat when lit, than anything.  Pumpkin isn't the strongest, but it does have a good throw overall in the room it is lit in. 

So, it is worth a try for sure, but I am not fond of the burnt wood smell, which would come with a burnt wood wick.  Like I said, don't count this against Wood wick as they have updated their wicks as of late.  They have a new fall scent out right now at the Hallmark stores, and it is a great deal as well.  Why not try it?

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