Cherry Lemonade Yankee Candle Review - Large 22 oz. Jar

Cherry Lemonade is a fun fragrance to try.  I believe I got this when they were having a 25% off sale at Kirlin's Hallmark a while back.  It was one way I tried new fragrances that smelled good to me.  I bought many a candle that way! 

This fragrance smells just as it does on the cold smell.  It smells like a yummy citrus with cherries.  It smells like lemons and cherries.  I smell the citrus a little more, and it is almost reminds me a bit of lime.  That could just be my nose. 

It was fun and easy to burn if I kept the wick trimmed.  It is a beautiful color.  I loved the color of pink it was.  It burned down nice and clean if you burn it long enough periods at a time. 

I would probably get this again, but with all the other fragrances it may not be my first pick.  I love how cheerful it looks.  A great candle!

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