Ambrosia Candle Review

I found this little treasure on sale, if I am recalling correctly. I LOVE anything coconut and this pretty pink Ambrosia candle is an absolute favorite of mine! The wick almost wants to drown a little, but I can work with it, and love the fragrance so much.

It has the characteristic mild crackling sound that comes with the WoodWick candles. I found myself not wanting to burn it, so that it won't be "gone", lol, but that is a good sign that I love it so much. Oh I am typing this, it just burned out because the wax pool kind of drowned the wick. I will share what I do in this case while there is a little melted wax around still. I gently swirl it around the sides, so it catches some of the wax and "unburies" more of the wick, so I can at least relight it for a while. Or, you can just pour off some wax, but I hate to do that as I feel its wasting the precious candle! It helps you to enjoy it longer at least.

I am sure WoodWick will figure out how to handle the wax drowning the wick issues I sometimes find. It would be a downside to this candle if I didn't love the fragrance so much!

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