Blackberry Honey Jar Candle by Keepers of the Light - Review

I got a small or "baby" jar of Blackberry Honey in 6 ounce size. Its my first time trying these candles, and they are rather rustic looking, but are very nice so far.
They have a simple metal, lift off lid, with not a lot of decoration, but thats not what I want to pay for anyway in a candle.

The scent seems very true to life, and when burning I can smell it but its not overwhelming by any means. I like the scent, but don't love it. I knew it when I bought it, and was curious how it would smell when burning, and I was pleased with that.

I did notice the wick a tiny bit off center. When I burned it even more off center, but easily remedied with a pencil or metal nail file. It has stayed straight ever since. It could be that it was hot outside too, in the sun so got too warm in August and moved somehow.

Great burning, pleasant, even, not too hot and fast of a flame. Haven't had to trim the wick yet, and no black smoke or smoking coming from it. I would recommend them, and would buy again but would want to try another of their many wonderful scents to choose from. I saw them online for sale at a few places. I got mine at my favorite local boutique. Happy to try Keepers of the Light Candles, keep up the good work!

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