Cucumber and Cantaloupe Votive Candle

This candle is a votive size that you often burn in any regular candle holder. The scent is Cucumber and Cantaloupe. Its very fresh and wonderful especially for the summer months. (Though it would be great or any time of the year or a time when you are dreaming of or missing summer)
The size is 1.75 ounce so its actually a bit larger than some other votives candles you can find. The normal retail value is 1.99, though it often can go on sale in local stores like Hallmark Stores and the Yankee Candle store. You can often find Yankee Candles on a clearance sale as well. My only advice would be to burn these candles more quickly, as they may be on sale because of their shelf life. If they are older, they may be trying to rotate them out. The newer the candle, the more fragrance from the oils you will get.
You can't beat the combination of cantaloupe and cucumber. At first it may sound like a strange combination, but really its very good! The color is a light peach color. I am burning it in a favorite butterfly votive holder.

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