Lavender WoodWick Review

I was so excited to bring home my first ever Lavender WoodWick candle, and had been considering buying it for a few weeks before I did. I decided to go ahead and get this one, as I am not sure that it is even in production anymore, and I REALLY like the scent of it. Its one of those fragrances that really takes me back to a time when I was younger, that are very pleasant. The color is outstanding as well, its just beautiful. The candles WoodWick makes are just beautiful and very classy in their design. This particular candle is the smaller, $9.99 version, which is a 3.4 ounce hourglass shaped jar.

Anyway, as I proceeded to burn this one, I wondered if it was just me, that I was in the room with it at first, etc, that I didn't sense a lot of "throw" from this candle. Throw, being the ability to put the fragrance out in the room it is in. I later, left and came back in, trying to smell it more. It was a little elusive to my senses, sadly, because this scent is outstanding to me. I was SO hoping it would just fill up the room it was in. I tried it the next day, in my master bathroom, a smaller space, thinking this would help me to smell it more. I was still disappointed in the very faint amount of fragrance it put out. I bent over to get a better smell, and I did smell it more when I was right over it. I let it go on for a few hours even, with the same result. This has not been my general experience with the WoodWick, except for maybe the Gingerbread scent but I did smell that more than the Lavender. One last thought, it COULD be this candle is older, and that is why the scent isn't just jumping out there? I did burn it the day after I got it home. I may try again later, as I love this fragrance color, and clean burn so much. I would now then, if it is just the candle, or something other factor.
I will hold out hope though.

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